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Day One – John Chapter One

Theologians have written endless words and published just as many papers on the first few verses of John’s Gospel. “In the beginning was the word…” is an mind blowing way to open a book. We’re told the “Word” was there in the beginning. We’re told the “Word” was with God, but then we’re told the “Word” was God. Later in verse 14 we’re told the “Word” became flesh and dwelt among men. Just a few more verses we see Holy Spirit fall upon Jesus and that Spirit stayed with Him. You want to talk about a mind-blowing concept…

To me this answers the origan of Jesus. He was there in the beginning and to me this is why God says, “Let us make man in¬†our¬†image” in the Genesis creation story. John calls Jesus the “Word” but he also calls Him the “Light” that “Light was the life of men” and “shined in the darkness”. This “Light” is where I find my faith. Life is found in Jesus and revolation and judgement that the “Light” brings are found in him as well.

The second half of the chapter starts to lay out how Jesus began to call his disciples. “Follow Me” is verse 43 is what I think He wants me to do. He might not want me to drop everything and physically follow Him, but I know He wants me to follow Him mentally, emotionally, and in a physical way as well. The disciples didn’t know anything about Jesus except for a few spoken words before they decided to follow him. I was the same way when I decided to follow Him as well. Yet, there’s been seasons in my life when I really wasn’t into getting to know Him better. I think that’s what “follow me” means; being intimate and knowing Jesus.

The thing that wows me in this chapter is the love God shows man. It’s beyond me how Jesus, being God, somehow left heaven and in the form of man came to live with man. The whole purpose of His life is to be “the Lamb of God” and take away the sin of the world. God gives me His grace in the life blood of Jesus and verse 16 says I receive “grace upon grace.” That means the grace is heaped on me and God’s forgiveness is a daily thing. I’m extremely “wowed” by His forgiveness and grace.

Now, there are tons of other things to write about in this chapter. Take time to read it and drop me a line on your thoughts. Have a great day and God bless.

21 Day Challenge

As a Believer, sometimes you have a hard time sharing your faith. There’s a ministry I enrolled in called the Pocket Testament League. Now I realize their goal is to get Gospel tracts out there and they have been mildly pushy in wanting me to purchase some. I’m sure I will do just that some day, but they also have several tools to help you with your faith. One such tool is the 21 Day Challenge.

The 21 Day Challenge is a product of Anita Keagy with Joy Shop Ministries. The Pocket Testament League partnered with her to provide this tool. The challenge is to read the Gospel of John, one chapter a day. There’s 21 chapters so you can see where the name came from: 21 chapters – 21 days. With each chapter I’m to reflect on and journal four questions.

  1. What does the chapter tell me about Jesus?
  2. What does He want me to believe?
  3. What does He want me to do?
  4. What promise totally “wowed” you?

Obviously, the answers to these questions are totally subjective. Yet, I want to share them with you and hopefully you’ll feel the freedom to add comments as you feel led. So here we go. Day 1 is next.