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Mind Transformation
Everything we do and say begins in our mind, and our mind is what generates our thoughts and ideas. These[...]
When You Hear His Voice
For the Christ Follower the coolest thing, and the thing most desired, is to hear His voice. When you look[...]
Part of my daily routine is to read a scripture-based devotional as a means of staying grounded in my faith.[...]
Ever Been Stuck in a Rut?
Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Webster’s defines a rut as, “a usual or fixed practice; a monotonous routine;[...]
Road to Emmaus: Despair to Delight
As I begin this message, it is just before 4:00 pm on Resurrection Sunday, April 1, 2018. I am purposefully[...]
Loving Your Wife
When I was doing my undergrad work at Liberty University, part of the required reading for one of the marriage[...]
Best Friends
When I think about my marriage, and marriage in general, I firmly believe our spouses must be our best friends[...]
Ideas to Affair Proof Your Marriage
I believe everyone who enters the covenant of marriage has a sincere desire to be successful. No one walks down[...]
Your Influence
When talking about influence, let's consider Websters definition: "The capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling[...]
Challenge of Faithfulness
When we talk about faithfulness we are saying, “Dependable in light of our current circumstances.” When you tell someone, “You[...]

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